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Frederick Starr

Caption on the back:
"Dr Frederick Starr, noted American anthropologist, lecturer, and writer, attired in the native costume of Japan, where he
has spent much of his time and has become thoroughly familiar with the native style of living.
He will conduct a party of Americans through Japan in April, when the cherry blossoms are in bloom.
The party sailing from Seattle, March 22nd.  (Dated Dec 30, 1929)

An anthropologist professor from the University of Chicago who first visited Japan in 1904 and died in Tokyo in 1933 during his 15th visit. He spent 10 days in Shikoku in 1917 and 30 days in 1921 doing the Shikoku pilgrimage route. It is remarkable to see just how famous he was and how much coverage he received in various newspapers during his journey. 
                        (Starr and Oriental Folk Museum)
This photo is believed to be
from his 1921 pilgrimage. It can be seen in the temple stamp office of Temple 53, Enmyoji where it is claimed, according to many books, that he discovered the oldest ofuda (from 1650) related to the Shikoku pilgrimage route.
[However this rumour cannot be verified. According to the priest, Starr was shown this ofuda. He did not find it.
Above: An article describing his death in Tokyo on August 12, 1933.(aged 75)
Below: A monument to Starr near Mt. Fuji. Made in 1934 with donations from friends and acquaintances.
Frederick Starr Stamp book
(nokyo-cho 納経帳)
Dated: Feb 19, 1921
He started the 1921 in Tokushima and went around Shikoku by foot  and by rikisha in 30 days.
In Library of Congress,
Washington DC
Frederick Starr`s
(osamefuda 納め札)
University of Chicago, State of Illinois, America
Frederick Starr
Age 62
It can be assumed the the temple noted at the bottom of the slip printed these for Starr 
Starr in the Newspaper

At Dogo Hot Spring in Matsuyama
At Kompira Shrine, Takamatsu

               At Gakugeikan  (March 7, 1917)                            At Ritsurin Park, Takamatsu                                          At Tokushima Castle Park