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The 88-temple Shikoku pilgrimage 


Pilgrims from 1909

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A few short articles about parts of the pilgrimage route in Tokushima 
The history of non-Japanese and the Shikoku Pilgrimage:
1) Frederick Starr       University of Chicago Anthropology Professor. Pilgrimage in 1917 and 1921
   (フレデリック・スタール)   (シカゴ大学の人類学者。四国遍路 大正6年と10年)
2) Alfred Bohner        German Teacher at Matsuyama High School. Pilgrimage in 1927     
 (アルフレッド・ボーナー)   (旧松山高等学校でドイツ語の先生。四国遍路 昭和2年)
3) Oliver Statler         University of Hawaii Professor. Pilgrimage in 1968 and 1971 
 (オリバー・スタットラー)   (ハワイ大学の教授。四国遍路 昭和43年と46年
Maps and other documents on the Shikoku Pilgrimage:

5) Heisei period (1989 - )
                                                      (These books contain facts about the founding of each temple and their development as well as numerous tales of miracles)
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Materials related to other pilgrimages in Japan



June 8, 1971 - Chicago Times

Old and New in Pilgrim's Fashions
"Shorts and "maxis" are amply represented on the steps leading to Yakuoji Buddhist temple on Shikoku Island, Japan. 
The scantily clad girls and the fully draped elderly women have two things in common. 
Both groups are on a pilgrimage to the southern Japanese island and both groups wear 
traditional Oriental pilgrims' sedge hats"

Caption:  "Shikoku Henro" - Postcard
Dated February 18, 1938 
Sent from Japan to the USA 
"You see two Japanese girls in this picture. They are pilgrims and visit every sacred places of Japan." 
Postcard (date unknown) 
It is not clear what pilgrimage route they are on.