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From April 1, 2016 I will NOT be selling the following books: 
Shikoku Japan 88 Route Guide and Visiting the Sacred Sites of Kukai. 

Please purchase them from:

David Turkington in Chicago 


Naoyuki Matsushita in Osaka.  


How to buy books about the Shikoku pilgrimage route. 
1. Pay in Japanese yen via Paypal to: shikokuhenro1200@gmail.com
** I do not accept payment in currencies other than Japanese yen**
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2. Please tell me about your order to the above email address because sometimes Paypal does not tell me I have received payment
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3. If you do not hear from me within three days of placing your order and sending me an email telling me of your order, 
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4. After I get back from the post office I will email you saying that the package is on its way and include a photograph of it. 
INTERNATIONAL ORDERS (outside of Japan)  (Prices in Japanese yen)
 Shikoku Japan 88 Route Guide 
Shikoku Japan 88 Route Guide and poster map 
Visiting the Sacred Sites of Kukai 
Visiting the Sacred Sites of Kukai and poster map
2 book set 
Route Guide and Visiting the Sacred Sites of Kukai 
Route Guide and Visiting the Sacred Sites of Kukai and poster map 
 5. If you would like the package to sent registered (trackable), please add 430 yen.
6. Please ask for a quote for materials sent by EMS (trackable express mail service) 
7. Packages sent SAL (surface-airlift) can take up to 3 weeks for delivery. 

8.  If you want a poster map, tell me what language of map you would like: available in English, French, Chinese, Taiwanese

-------------------------------------------   BOOKS    -------------------------------------------------
"A Journey of the Soul" - 
A guidebook describing the history of each of the 88 temples along the Shikoku pilgrimage route

***  No longer available in print form ***  

Buy as ebook from Amazon (Japan) :  Kindle version: 720 yen
As of July 1 - Available on Balloonandchapters.com 

Ebook from Kobo (Rakuten) : Japanese site:   900 yen 
Can be bought as an ebook from the publiser (Japanese site)  (日本語のサイト)
Soon to have English purchase option

For more information - Click here

"Shikoku Japan 88 Route Guide " - An English mapbook for the Shikoku pilgrimage
Including maps to the 20 bangai, Mt Ishizuchi and Mt. Koya
4th edition - September 2015- has green lettering on the cover.  
Price (as of September 1, 2015) -- 1600yen plus 8% tax = 1728 yen

Comments and feedback on the book are most welcome. 
Please send to shikokuhenro1200@gmail.com
                (4th edition - published September 2015)      
 Click below for elevation maps of the pilgrimage:
1. Long version                2. Letter-size version                       3. Legend. 
The English edition of "Shikoku Henro Hitori Aruki Dogyo Ninin"
(Re)published September 2015.      Price 1620 yen
 Topics covered in Part 1: 
 Time, Numbers of day required, Preparing for the trip, choosing a course, costs and a budget, how to plan, 
pilgrim goods and things to pay attention to, equipment and things to carry, weight, pre-departure preparations, money, 
making reservations, manners at the sacred sites, rules, how to walk the pilgrimage, sleeping outside, takuhatsu, 
waterfall training, going home

Part 2: 
includes brief historical descriptions of 238 sites along the pilgrimage
Published March 2012. (1800yen incl. tax)
SOLD OUT - available as an ebook from the publisher: 
(Japanese website: KyoikuShuppanCenter)
but the stories in English can be downloaded for free from:
Published March 20014   (1500yen incl. tax) 

An English translation of a Japanese pilgrim's  62-day calendar - Published December , 2011 
Alfred Bohner's 1931 book about the Shikoku Pilgrimage 
(English  edition) published July, 2011
German edition  (also available in green cover)   
Available on Amazon Japan
Kinokuniya bookstore - Japan
Amazon UK
Part of the contents can be viewed at Google Books and on Amazon